Curt Miller

Curt started his career as a charter employee for electronic retailing giant QVC. After several promotions into positions of increased responsibility, Home Shopping Network recruited Curt to head up their Live Production department.

Curt's impact on this department was such that after only sixteen months he was cherry-picked by the CEO of USA Network's Informaiton Services division to start up USA's new interactive/transactional marketing department.

During his three-year tenure as Vice President of Strategic Program Development at USA Networks, Curt showed exceptional ability for creating inventive contextualized commerce spots while managing the direct-selling campaigns for some of the most marquise brands in America including; NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, and ESPN.

Curt then started his own consulting business where he created brand extension marketing pieces for top brands including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, TV Guide, TBS, MLB Properties, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Curt attained valuable experience running this dynamic forward thinking company and decided, with Michelle, to build a business together. Curt and Michelle started Michelle Miller Design as a way to synergize their uniquely different expertises and create a business that would necessitate all of their vast experiences.

Curt runs day-to-day business operations and handles all marketing and strategic planning responsibilities.